It came today!

BN-JC732_0626SC_E_20150626100408The Supreme Court on Friday ruled in a 5-4 decision that same-sex partners have a constitutional right to marry, sweeping away state bans on gay unions and extending marriage equality nationwide. Still to be decided are closely watched rulings involving congressional redistricting and power plant emissions. Whatever decisions don’t come today would come next week. More 

Aftermath: 2 days after the SCOTUS SSM decesion

Texas attorney general says county clerks can refuse gay couples

Update: 10:20 p.m.: Denton County Clerk Juli Luke, who on Friday indicated she was waiting for the attorney general’s guidance, now says that she intends to comply with the Supreme Court’s decision.

In a press release issued Sunday, Luke said her office would issue all marriage licenses Monday morning.

“Personally, same-sex marriage is in contradiction to my faith and belief that marriage is between one man and one woman,” Luke said. “However, first and foremost, I took an oath on my family Bible to uphold the law and as an elected public official my personal belief cannot prevent me from issuing the licenses as required.”


Really cool blog for the TG Operator or Shortwave listener



Gender Dysphoria is a serious medical condition that causes a person to identify in every way possible with the physical sex opposite of what they were born. Past oversimplified terminology that has been quite well-meaning has said "trans persons were simply born in the wrong body". In this day and age, we now know more about this condition than we did in decades past.Up until recent times, just like homosexuality, the clinical working group at the American Psychiatric Association thought that trans persons were suffering from a serious mental illness. The APA has reviewed the evidence for and against this thinking, and has come to the conclusion that no such empirical evidence exists to support the notion that trans persons are mentally ill at all. The 5th generation of the APA diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders will list Gender Dysphoria only as a medical problem, not as a mental illness.

K5FCR Field Day 2015

ARRL Field Day is June 27-28, 2015


New ImageThank god it's over, Field day 2015 that is. There were some cool highlights and some not cool low lights. I attended Saturday and can't complain too much but some things unfolded later that were just not right. 

The Weather was great, nice breeze out of the north and even at 4:00 pm it was not as hot as it usually is in June. On HF 15 and 20 meters were astonishing, we made good contacts in California, Oregon, Washington, Costa Rica, The Virgin Islands and deep into the North East US including Pennsylvanian, New Jersey and New Hampshire. Overnight (Saturday to Sunday) Operators noted a good opening on 6 meters and made contacts as far north as Minnesota and as far west as California. 

The problem was when the Queen hater came out Saturday evening and was handed the money bag to take collections for the club dinner. Jody Lindsey, KE5GIB, a devote Hater of the LGBTQ culture demanded payment from several people who had already paid and when she could not collect began to give them trouble over the matter. Regardless of the event this woman goes out of her way to make trouble for people especially members of the LBGTQ community. She decided to pick a fight with me and I left at that point rather than stay and create a scene. Her daughter, KE5OPS is just as bad but stupid enough to take a swing at someone so rather than stir the hornets and face a sting, I just went home and went to bed.

The property where the K5FRC field day was located is owned by Bill Purcell KF5GJY and is a diner located just north of the intersection of FM-273 and SH-78 in Bonham (Just behind the Dollar General North store). Bill's grand opening will be July 1st. 2015. The diner will offer breakfast, lunch & dinner and will eventually also serve as a cyber cafe and have coffee available while one surfs using the local hotspot. Bill has a great cook so I'd encourage anyone who wants a good meal to go check the place out.

Next year I plan to be at the first annual Bonham Amateur radio association field day so a repeat of the of the K5FRC fiasco. Be sure to check out the BARA website and if your a local ham radio operator looking for a new experience in amateur radio, come join BARA.

Welcome to KF5CXT

This is the home of KF5CXT - Tech licensed amateur radio operator in Bonham Texas USA. I got licensed because people kept telling me I should. I really didn't care to become a "ham" operator but did it to shut folks up. I had listened to ham radio for years over the scanner and on shortwave radio and other than listening to storm nets just did not find that I had anything in common with the operators of today. Now that I am licensed I still don't share any commonality with operators.

I like G.M.R.S. and could have lived fine with that license. In fact, there are several GMRS systems I listen to today and have found a better class of operator using them than on most amateur repeaters.

My passion is in radio scanners and shortwave radio and even today, this is where I stay. Every time I get on a ham repeater trouble follows. 

Call me a dinosaur, old fashioned, whatever but I enjoy mud ducking on 11 meters SSB much more than ratchet jawing on two meters. I especially love listening to AM broadcast radio and International shortwave. 

So here on my page I'll try to share the joy of radio as it is for me. 

Ham radio is for Emergency Communications

Well so one of my biggest gripes is that while Ham radio is for emergency radio communications during a crisis or disaster, why are all hams not allowed to participate? In Texas for example, much of the Em-Comm activities are conducted by RACES which not all ham operators can be members of. So why is ham radio enclosing itself to a select group of people? We all had to get licensed the same way. So why are we hiding in groups pretending to be more elite than other operators?

Another gripe is that most hams only use the radio to make long distance contacts. This is a very quick form of communications. We do not have a lot of groups sitting on the air drinking coffee and BS'ing like the old days of CB radio. What a waste of time in my opinion. 

So because of this I like to listen to shortwave radio where there is both a variety of stuff to listen to as well as long conservations.





New Frequency Finds

These frequencies were found and then re-scanned for verification that they were not ghost images or birdies.


  • 171.6125 167 NAC FBI (This was VERY active during the Obama to Durant visit. Mostly DHS security.)
  • 169.5750 167 NAC FBI (Simplex or repeater input)
  • 170.7375 731 NAC DHS (I have this as DHS Simplex.2 units talking for about 7:30 min.)
  • 173.7250 156 NAC DEA (Highly active from about 2100 to 0230 weeknights.)
  • 155.6025 175 NAC Choctaw Nation (Tribal Police) Routine Dispatch (158.8275 175 NAC possible repeater input)
  • 155.2575 275 NAC Choctaw Nation (Tribal Police) Routine Dispatch (Could even be a linked relay same traffic as 155.6025)
  • 155.7075 375 NAC Choctaw Nation (Tribal Police) NCIC Checks (Possible Info/Traffic channel)
  • 173.4375 100 NAC Army Corps of Engineers (Lake Texoma Federal Park Rangers/Denison Dam Operations - Repeater is in Durant, OK)
  • 173.4375 103.5 PL Army Corps of Engineers (Unidentified as to where this is, could be Texoma simplex or new station. week but readable.)


Another note, BRYAN COUNTY Primary is now using a 156.7 Hz. tone on 153.9650 Also beginning to hear some P25 on new Bryan County Licenses. Will be monitoring further to verify these.